When I was a teenager, I had a poster that said “Bloom Where You Are Planted”.    I didn’t give it much thought at the time.   It gave the wall a nice splash of color.

I’ve reflected on that saying many times since then.  In the plant world some seeds fall close to the parent plant and take root.  Others are carried off by the wind, or hitch a ride with animals to grow and bloom far away.   Some are transplants.  Not all seeds grow.  Not all plants bloom, but many do.

So it is with people, I notice.  Sometimes we settle close to our family of origin, sometimes not.  Growth is influenced by the opportunities, support and nurturing available where we live.  But most importantly, it’s what we bring of ourselves to the experience that determines if we bloom.

With so many things flowering around us this spring, it’s a perfect time to get inspired to do some personal blooming where you are planted right now.  Here’s the plan:

  • Seize opportunities – even if they have to be created first!
  • Accept the love and the learning in your midst!
  • Believe in your personal goodness and capacity!
  • And hear the universe cheering you on. Go ahead…
  • Bloom baby bloom!

Spring is right outside the door!

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